Hoot Owl 200k Brevet

Start Location:  Kroger  - 101 Fairview Rd, Ellenwood, GA 

Date:  July 18, 2020

Time:  10:00pm on the 18th of July,          Cutoff:  11:30 am on the 19th.  

Distance:  126 miles

Elevation Gain:  5684 feet  Max grade 7.9%

Ride Description:   An overnight ride starting in Ellenwood going through Madison, Monticello, Jackson, then back to Ellenwood.

Registration instructions:   Step 1  Read Rider Expectation

                                              Step 2   Go Ahead and Register

                                              Step 3   Fill out waiver and Covid waiver.  Bring these with you and they                                                                 will be collected at the start of the ride. No Waivers /No Ride

                                              Step 4   Print your card

                                              Step 5   Print your cue sheet

                                              Step 6   Show up for the ride. Bring your cue sheet and card with                                                                   you.  Fees will be collected on the day of the ride.

You must be a member of RUSA to participate     INFO

Rider Expectations   Here

Card   Here

Ride Fee:  $20.00

Who's Riding?   Joe Todd, Apreil Jessup Searcy, Jim Shanni