Solstice 200k-300k Brevet

Start Location:   Parking lot in front of Polk County Farm Bureau.  121 East Ware St.  Cedartown, GA 30125  

Date:  June 13, 2020

Time: 06:00am.  , Cutoff:  7:30 pm for 200k / 02:00am for 300k, but trail technically closes at dusk.  

Distance:  128.9 for 200k / 191.8  for 300k

Elevation Gain: 4390ft. for 200k/ 5,649ft for 300k

Ride Description:  This ride probably has the shortest 300k cue sheet ever written.  Basically, follow the Silver Comet trail from Cedartown to Atlanta and back, then follow SC/Chief Ladiga trail to Piedmont Alabama and back.  We use the longest days of the year to take advantage of the amount of daylight along the trails, though temperatures can get pretty hot and services are minimal.  Make use of our return to the Cedartown Depot at mile 105 by leaving a fully stocked cooler in your car.  

You must be a member of RUSA to participate     Info

Registration instructions:   Step 1  Read Rider Expectation

                                              Step 2   Go Ahead and Register

                                              Step 3   Fill out waiver and email to

                                              Step 4   Print your card

                                              Step 5   Print your cue sheet

                                              Step 6   Show up for the ride. Bring your cue sheet and card with                                                                   you.  Fees will be collected on the day of the ride.

Map link:    Here 200

Map Link:  Here 300

200 Card:  Here

200 Waiver:  Here

300 Card:  Here

300 WaiverHere

Who's Riding?  Apriel Jessup Searcy, Danny Lockhart, Neil Fleming, Joshua Ibbs, Joe Todd, Andy Akard,

Cynthia Van Der Wiele,