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What you need to know:

Safety is the foremost priority with all of our rides.  Though we have included the entire list of rules for riders below, new riders should be aware that we don't allow anyone to ride after sunset without a good headlight, taillight, reflective vest, and reflective ankle bands.  New riders should also expect limited services compared to their average supported century ride .  Rest stops are typically 30-40 miles apart, and because we strive for the quietest roads, gas station stops  can be few and far between.  SAG support on the road will be minimal

Unlike your typical century ride, there will be no road markings.  Riders are expected to navigate with GPS or by using a good old fashioned cue sheet.  Consider this a practice in orienteering.  Everyone will be supplied with a brevet card at the beginning of each ride and will need to get it validated at each of the controls along the route.  This is to prevent shortcuts along the way.  Typically you will be asking a gas station attendant to sign and indicate the current time on your card, and they will not have prior knowledge of this (unless riders have passed through before you).  Be courteous to them and represent your sport well - most everyone is happy to help if you show them respect.  

Every brevet card and cue sheet will have a phone number for the ride organizer.  If for some reason you can't continue, call and a pickup will be arranged. It is always best to have someone in mind who will come get you as it may be a long wait. Riders will be spread out on a long day, so if there is a true emergency call 911 - it may take awhile to get to you.  If you abandon and have friends or family pick you up, it is imperative that you let the ride organizer know.  

Very few riders will ever venture out for bicycle rides longer than 100 miles, but in my experience everyone is capable.  Efficiency is still critical, but riding speeds do not have to be that fast to make the generous cutoffs.  As long as you keep pedaling, it's almost impossible to be losing time.  



Here is a link to the rules for riders on the RUSA site:  

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