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Dublin 300K

Start Location:   Market Square Shopping Center  609 Central Drive  East Dublin Ga.

Date:  Mar. 16, 2024

Start Time:  07:30am.    Cutoff:  03:30 am

Distance:  194 miles

Elevation Gain   7377 feet

Registration instructions:   Step 1  Read Rider Expectation
                                              Step 2   Go Ahead and Register
                                              Step 3   Fill out waivers and email to email to or                                                                  bring signed hard copy to start.
                                              Step 4   Print your card
                                              Step 5   Print your cue sheet
                                              Step 6   Show up for the ride. Bring your cue sheet and card with you.                                                                                

Rider Expectations:   Here

Cue Sheet:  Is Located on RWGPS link

Ride Fee:  $20.00   Paypal  Audaxatlanta15@ or pay at the start.

You will need to be a RUSA member to participate.    INFO

Who's registered  David Bolocan, Ian Flitcroft, Andrew Michaud, Ron Gable

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