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Dawsonville 400k Brevet

Start Location:   Ingles parking lot.  53 GA-400. Dawsonville, GA 30354

Date:  October 6th, 2018

Time: 06:00am ,    Cutoff:  09:00am

Distance:  261.7 miles

Elevation Gain:  20,377 feet

Ride Description:  Mile for mile, this brevet packs a big punch.  You will do a lot of climbing, including Woody's Gap, Wolfpen Gap, Jack's Gap, Unicoi Gap, and the 11 mile climb to Highland's NC.  It's my opinion that if you can finish this 400k, you're well prepared to finish just about any bike ride available.  There are many beautiful roads along the way, my favorite being the winding road around Lake Rabun.  It's probably the prettiest place to ride in all of Georgia.  

Ride Fee:  $20.00

Online Registration:  Here.


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