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Dublin 600K

Start Location:   Holiday Inn Express  2193 Hwy 441 Dublin Ga.

Date:  May 18, 2024

Start Time:  05:00 am

Distance:  383 Miles

Elevation Gain   13250 feet

Registration instructions:   Step 1  Read Rider Expectation
                                              Step 2   Go Ahead and Register
                                              Step 3   Fill out waivers and email to email to or                                                                  bring signed hard copy to start.
                                              Step 4   Print your card
                                              Step 5   Print your cue sheet
                                              Step 6   Show up for the ride. Bring your cue sheet and card with you.                                                                                

Rider Expectations:   Here

Cue Sheet:  Is Located on RWGPS link

Note; It would be advisable to download the map to each loop separately and run the loops that way
The GPS units get confused when the routes come back to the same point numerous times.

Map  Loop 1  Here

Map Loop 2  Here

Map Loop 3  Here

Ride Fee:  $20.00   Paypal  Audaxatlanta15@ or pay at the start.

You will need to be a RUSA member to participate.    INFO

Who's registered  

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