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Gainesville 200k Brevet

Start Location:  NEW!!!!!!!!    North Hall Community Center and Park, 4175 Nopone Road, Gainesville GA 30506

Date:  Oct. 22, 2022

Start Time:  07:00am,   Cutoff:  08:30pm

Distance:  127 miles

Elevation Gain:  8,500 feet of climbing

Ride Description:  First run as an ACP brevet in 1999, the route was designed by Scott and Melinda Dura.  If either of them abandoned on a century ride, he or she would have to ride the 200k brevet course the next day as "penance."  The 200k originally started and finished near the YMCA in downtown Gainesville.  It had a fast downhill start and a laborious uphill finish.  The first Audax Atlanta series was mountainous in preparation for Boston-Montreal-Boston.  At the time BMB was the only domestic 1200k.  This ride's 8,500 feet of climbing is a reflection of that training and was modeled after the Spartanburg SC series.  The course was later adjusted to start east of downtown Gainesville.  It was routed to include a beautiful road along the shore of lake Rabun and a generally downhill return along the Soque river.  

Registration instructions:   Step 1  Read Rider Expectation
                                              Step 2   Go Ahead and Register
                                              Step 3   Fill out waivers and email to or bring signed                                                              hard copy to start.
                                              Step 4   Print your card
                                              Step 5   Print your cue sheet
                                              Step 6   Show up for the ride. Bring your cue sheet and card with you. 

You must be a member of RUSA to participate.   Info

Rider Expectation      Here

Ride Fee:  $20.00  Paypal  Audaxatlanta15@ or pay at the start.

Who's Riding  Joe Todd, Larry Patz, Wayne King, Ray Schraer, Ian Flitcroft, Dick Marklein

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